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Friday, 20 March 2015

Hey guys how's everyone doing? Happy first day of Spring may I add - please endure the next few weeks of blossoming flowers and easter eggs.

Every month without fail I like to introduce to you to a new playlist of mine that I have been obsessing over. I intended to upload this post at the beginning of March but with difficulties with the Spotify widget it pushed back the date of this post - until today. Initially this post was featuring some of my favourite slow jam tracks including the likes of Drake, Chris Brown, Kanye and so forth but in the past few weeks I've found myself listening to some of my favourite bands that I featured in my January playlist - my very first.

This month I have created the "Indie Cindy" playlist in which I have compiled a bunch of indie/rock music that I love and listen to on a daily basis. Some of the artists include my absolute favourites which are, Royal Blood, Peace, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Bastille and the Arctic Monkeys. 

This playlist has got me thoroughly excited for festival season, summer and those chilled out vibes in your background accompanied with an ice cold Coca-Cola. 

Some of my favourite tracks of this playlist include: Lost On Me, O You, Happy People, Money, World Pleasure & Perfect Skin by Peace. The Wire & Go Slow by Haim. Doomsday & Eez-Eh by Kasabian, Ten Tonne Skeleton, Figure It Out & Out of the Black by Royal Blood (basically the entire playlist may I add)

So without further or do I introduce you my Indie Cindy playlist.

If you like my monthly Spotify playlist posts then feel free to leave me a comment in the comment section below along with a question using #askcharlie as I am collecting questions you've been wanting to ask me and creating an #askcharlie post next week, so please leave me some questions that you want me to answer.


  1. Loving that playlist, There all my favs

    1. Brilliant - I'm glad you like it, happy listening!

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